Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of the Treasure Coast, Inc. is a Treasure Coast Community Resource whose…

vision is a compassionate local community which is knowledgeable and willingly provides for the communication needs of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing by fulfilling their legal and ethical obligations. 

mission, as a leader in community education and outreach, is to enable communication, advocate for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, and provide affordable amplification and assistive devices, all of which results in an improved quality of life, and the promotion of equal opportunities for all individuals in this unique population. 

The core values instilled in our provision of services include: fiscal responsibility, openness, and honesty; and being compassionate, vigilant, confidential, and proactive toward filling our client’s needs. 

  DHHS is the only organization on the Treasure Coast providing direct support services to the deaf and hard of hearing members of our community.  There are 14 other Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Providers across the state serving this targeted population.   Each is an independent, privately owned, not-for-profit organization.  We are all members of the Deaf Service Center Association of Florida.  This membership requires that we provide certain core services, meet certain minimum operational requirements.  This insures that DHHS is providing a satisfactory level of service to our target population.

Our client base:

   The latest estimates of the number of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing nationally are (from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention – “Summary Health Statistics for US Adults: National Health Interview Survey 2004”, May 2006)  16.4% of the population has hearing loss, 19.3% of males and 13.6% of females. This equates to nearly 90,000 people on the Treasure Coast. 

Because of Your Support……


  • Since 1998, we have provided interpreters on 1,945 occasions for our deaf community here on the Treasure Coast, Inc.

  • Since 1998, we have held 25 American Sign Language Classes and provided training to nearly 400 students.

  • Since 1998 we have distributed over 8200 new phones through the state’s phones on loan program.  In addition, since 2004 (when we became a regional distribution center) we have replaced over 2400 broken phones with new ones. That’s over 10,000 phones distributed on the Treasure Coast.

  • Since 2000, we have had over 18,000 people visit the center.

  • Our hearing aid bank for adults which began in 2000, has put aides on 107 clients and referred an additional 55 to the Hear Now Program (these are people who did not meet our financial qualifications).

  • Our Children’s hearing aid bank which began in 2004, has served 13 children at an average cost of $800 per child.  That’s 40% of the retail value. (We saved the parents $27,000, because there was no cost to them and on average it would have cost $2,100 per child retail.)  and saved the taxpayer an estimated $400,000 per child (AG Bell Society).

  • Over the last 5 years we have provided over 1300 service units of client assistance / advocacy for primarily our deaf population.  Our activities have included ADA, IDEA and Hearing Aid Advocacy.