Hard of Hearing Children Enjoy our Holiday Toy DriveWhat does it mean to be a member?

- Supporting the education and development of children with hearing loss

- Standing on the front lines of the fight for equal rights for those with hearing loss

- Enabling more interpreters to be provided for medical appointments, legal matters, important business transactions ect...

- Allowing more deaf individuals to recieve amplification assistance when needed

- Educating the community about hearing loss prevention and deaf ettiquet

- Playing a part in American Sign Language education to the community.

Whether you are Deaf or Hearing, you can work with us for a better tomorrow.

 Annual Memberships Avaliable

Benefactor                                $1,000.00
Corporate / Organization              $100.00
Professional                                 $100.00
Family                                           $40.00
Individual                                       $30.00
Special Gift                                   $_____

All members receive a membership card in the mail along with the DHHS Semiannual Newsletter.  Also, all members receive a 5% discount at our "Hear Store" and a 10% discount for combined purchases of $100 or more.  Professional, Corporate / Organization and Benefactor membership levels includes a membership certificate with your business name. 

All contributions are tax deductible.

To become a member of DHHS, click below and fill out our membership form.